Choosing the Correct Industrial Lubricant

Using the correct lubricant in your machinery is critically important. Failure to do so can result in premature failure or worse.

Machinery lubricants are specified by the engineers who design the equipment. Their specifications are written into the machinery manuals and are often described using technical terms and industry jargon. We can assist customers in translating these terms into a commercially available choice.

Other manuals will not use generic technical terms, but will specify one or more globally available brand name lubricants. Other manuals will specify the use of the OEM (original equipment maker) brand which is often very highly priced and/or difficult to obtain. In either of these cases, Commercial Oil can source the suggested global brand or suggest a technically equivalent product which is often available at a much lower unit cost.

Following the equipment manufacturer’s lubricant recommendations is always preferred, but sometimes a manual is not available or the correct choice must be based on application. Commercial Oil's technical recommendations ensure the correct lubricant is used.

Please call us any time you are unsure as to which lubricant to order, or feel free to use our contact us page to get a prompt response to your question.

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