Lubriko-Clean Multi-Vis (MV) Hydraulic Oils

  • Lubriko-Clean Multi-Vis (MV) Hydraulic Oils

These fluids offer superior performance in low temperatures. From Arctic environments to winter outdoor applications Multi-Vis (MV) Hydraulic fluids are the professional choice. 

• All season low temperature anti-wear hydraulic oil
• Extremely low pour points and high viscosity indexes
• Cleanliness levels of 15-14-10 available
• Available in ISO viscosities of 15cSt to 68cSt
• Lubriko-Clean MV 15 is a premium high performance
fluid recommended for extremely cold weather
• Available in blue colour or natural (amber)
• Dielectric Strength >5 KV
• Meets major pump manufacturers specifications

MV 15 Arctic                MV 22              MV 22 FM

MV 32                         MV 46              MV 68