Greenplus Biodegradable Lubricants

  • Greenplus Biodegradable Lubricants

Greenplus Hydraulic fluid ES


We are proud to offer a number of environmentally safe lubricants including:

Greenplus Sol-Lube ES — a highly soluble lubricant designed to increase water's ability to lubricate.

Greenplus Air-Lube — an excellent lubricant suitable for use in all types of pneumatic equipment and tools.

Greenplus Wire Rope Lube ES — environmentally safe liquid alternative to petroleum and synthetic products used to lubricate cables and wire rope used by drag lines, hoists, etc.

Greenplus Chain Saw-Bar Oil ES — designed to lubricate the chain and bar of high speed chain saws and reduce operator health hazards associated with the use of mineral oil, such as skin, eye and lung irritations.

Greenplus AP Lube ES — a multi-purpose, non-toxic lubricant.

Greenplus Hydraulic Fluid ES — environmentally safe industrial fluid that is non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable, operator safe with lubrification properties that can result in significantly less wear on your equipment's hydraulic components.

Greenplus Line Shaft Turbine Fluid ES — pollution free lubrification of vertical turbine pump equipment with lubricated line shafts in either flanged or threaded and coupled column construction.

Greenplus R & O Lube ES — a highly stable, environmentally safe fluid used to prevent rust and oxidation in various industrial lubricating applications.

Greenplus ES Gear Oil — environmentally safe oil used in gear reducing applications formulated with rust and oxidation suppression additives and superior anti-foaming additives.

Greenplus Form Release Agent ES — environmentally safe form release agent for use with metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass forms. Does not react with Portland cement or its common admixtures.

Greenplus Enviro-Cut ES — environmentally safe, water-soluble cutting fluid. Outstanding performance for metalworking operations.

Greenplus RP 2000 ES — unique product combining the capability of both removing rust and providing a long term protective surface covering for a wide variety of metals.

Greenplus Dust Control Agent ES — highly soluble concentrate designed to mix hard or soft water and form a dust control spray.

Greenplus Saw Guide Oil ES — high performance lubricant manufactured specifically for the forestry industry