Linseed Oil

  • Linseed Oil

We now carry Double Boiled linseed oil in 1L, 4L, and 20L containers. 

Linseed Oil is used to coat multiple surfaces with a long lasting protective seal. It is primary used as a stain-sealant on wood but can be used efficiently on several other pourous surfaces including wood and concrete. Linseed oil penetrates deep into wood and creates a water and alcohol resistant surface with only a very slight darkening of the wood when dry.  
As Linseed Oil is exposed to air, it gels to form a protective film. This film is stable and durable on most porous surfaces. On non-porous surfaces such as steel, a pure linseed coating may eventually dry to the point of being susceptable to flaking. Consult one of our representatives for applicable rust proofing formulations.
Linseed oil can be used as component in wood stains, traditional oil paints, rustproofing, and weather protective coatings.