About Us

In business for over 100 years, we can trace our roots back to 1904 when the Commercial Oil Company was originally incorporated in Oil Springs,Ontario. Oil Springs was the site of North America’s very first crude oil well, and from there, the business of drilling and extracting of crude oil expanded throughout the rest of the world.

In the early 20th century Commercial Oil established itself as a supplier of industrial lubricants and moved its facilities to the manufacturing centre of Hamilton. Commercial Oil manufactured and sold belt dressings under the brand name ‘Maple Leaf Belt Dressing’ as well as steam cylinder and other process oils. Other brand names familiar to industry veterans included Lubriko® Wolseley Oil, Velvet Lubricant and Comoco.

We continue to use the brand name Lubriko®, first registered in 1910.

Prior to the stock market crash of 1929, the Company expanded into the United States and Great Britain opening up branch offices in Philadelphia and Birmingham.

Commercial Oil has undergone many changes over time but 115 years later, we are proud to still call Hamilton our home. Throughout our history the common theme has been commitment to our customers and the communities within which we operate.

Wholly Canadian owned and family run, Commercial Oil cares about protecting the health and safety of our community and the environment we all share. ISO 9001:2015 certified, our facilities are monitored regularly for cleanliness and safety and consistently meet the highest standards.

Discover the difference, deal with a company that cares.