GM DEXOS 1 Synthetic Motor Oils

  • GM DEXOS 1 Synthetic Motor Oils

We source the highest quality synthetic motor oils from formulators such as Mobil, Chevron, Quaker State, Tuxton, Shell, Total and Castrol. Synthetics offer superior low temperature performance and reduced engine wear. We carry GM DEXOS 1 approved synthetic motor oils that meet the OEM specifations for GM and most other auto makers. Dexos 1 approved fluids are subject to strict testing.

Full Synthetic SN+ 0W-16     Full Synthetic SN+ 0W-20                          

Full Synthetic SN+ 5W-20                          Full Synthetic SN+ 0W-30  

Full Synthetic SN+ 5W-30                          Full Synthetic SN+ 5W-40  

Full Synthetic SN+ 10W-30