Dripless Amber

  • Dripless Amber

Dripless Amber is our flagship rust preventative for a reason. Effectiveness, durability and ease of use, set this product apart from the others in the automotive rust proofing industry.

Dripless Amber utilizes the latest in industrial rust proofing technology to produce optimal results in salt spray testing. Dripless Amber works by forming a molecular layer that coats the metal and repels water and salt. This products stays semi-liquid at room temperature, allowing creeping and penetration to continue long after application. The semi-liquid nature of Dripless Amber also means that it self heals from gravel, sand and ice damage. 

The highly cohesive nature of Dripless Amber gives you the option of increasing the film thickness to optimise protection and durability or reducing the film thickness to provide greater economy. 

Best of all, Dripless Amber is sprayable at room temperature without any high pressure equipment or pumps and is compatible with most hand held 'pot' style paint sprayers. Dripless Amber is now available in aerosol cans.


Developed with the environment in mind. Dripless Amber  is a product that is not controlled by WHMIS as it presents no health or flammability hazards. 


Self Healing from road, stone & sand abrasion.

Excellent Adhesion.

Eliminates costly rust-out repairs.

Helps deaden road noise.

Does not dry out, chip or peel off and its lubricating benefits continue indefinitely.

Sweet cherry scent.

Available in 4L Buckets, 20L pails, 205L drums and now aerosol cans.


Why should you undercoat your vehicle?

  1. Our Dripless undercoating products are specifically formulated for rust protection. They actually lift moisture and creep into inner seams and crevices for complete protection.
  2. More than just rust protection, it also lubricates suspension, brake cables, power windows, power antennas, door hinges, linkages for transmissions, fuel lines and vehicle door locks.
  3. Reduce maintenance costs while keeping your vehicle shiny and new looking.

What Else Should
I Know?

Rust and corrosion weaken the structure of your entire vehicle.

Protecting your vehicle preserves a higher resale value.

Provides reductions in repairs to lights, wiring and electrical items.



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